How to find out if he’s cheating today!

Over the last few months I’ve written several post to teach you ladies how to catch your man if he was cheating. In one post I even taught you how to tell if he was lying or not. These were and remain really hot topics on this blog and I appreciate it. I really enjoy the success stories where many of you have actually caught your man and he didn’t even suspect you knew. I’m both happy and sad that now you guys are out of these relationships but it bothered me with the amount of hurt these so called boyfriends caused.

Once they were caught I somehow felt responsible for some of the hurt many of you suffered. However, I felt solace in the fact that as one of you wrote to me and thanked me for assisting her in identifying that her whole relationship was a lie. She said she has since moved on and that her new man, is caring, loving and attentive to her needs. Congratulations to her and I wish her luck in the future as I wish all of you.

Now the reason for this post is this, I’m still receiving e-mails from those of you who simply cannot pull the trigger so to speak. After all you did to find out the truth, you’re still not sure if he’s lying or telling you the truth. Man, either he’s good at lying or many of you may not want to face the truth. It’s ok though, I’m only here to assist, any choice you make is your own. Good, bad or otherwise.

However, to assist you in finding out for sure if he’s cheating I decided to simplify the process for you.  Learning to tell if he’s lying takes time, practice and the ability to step emotionally away from your feelings in order to see the truth. Emotion is strange that way, we can tell a best friend all day long to leave their cheating spouse or boyfriend because we have no emotional attachment. We can see how screwed up her relationship is, but she cannot, because emotionally she’s blind to it. It happens to us all.

So today, I am going to give you a sure fire way to find out if your man, or even your best friends man is cheating. This is my Christmas Gift to you all, especially the ones who take the time to write to me and say hello from time to time. 

Now this system is simple but it will require the assistance of a co-worker, family friend or girlfriend whom your significant other does not know. Think about it, this selection is crucial to you uncovering the truth so chose wisely. Oh, and make sure it’s someone you trust and will be able to keep a secret forever. Do you know someone like this? Good! I would gladly do it for you if I could.

Here’s what you do, have this person call your boyfriend, mate, husband or whomever your significant other is and do exactly as I say. Trust me this is a tried and proven method and within minutes you’ll know for sure if he is playing around with someone else.

The call:

Your Man : Hello

Trusted friend: Hi, (enthusiastically)is this _ _ _ _ _ _?  My name is Jane (made up) and I work for Sweet Hearts Florist and you have been selected to receive absolutely free, one dozen red roses! A fifty dollar Value!

Your Man: Are you Serious?

Trusted friend: That’s correct, absolutely free and we even take care of the shipping for you.

Your Man: Cool!

Trusted friend: _ _ _ _ _ , all we need from you is the name and address of the person you’d like for these beautiful long stem roses to be shipped to and we’ll send them out today.

Your Man: OK, you can send them to _ _ _ _ _ , at (whatever address)

Trusted friend: Thank you _ _ _ _ _, and please tell your friends and family members about us.

Your Man: Oh, I will. Thank you.

Trusted friend: Have a good day.

Now, some of you may be skeptical about this scheme and that’s a good thing scepticism is a sign of intelligence. It says you’re thinking. You really should think before doing something such as this. You really have nothing to gain and on the other hand you may have something to lose, you man. Not because you attempted this scheme, but because he may fall for it as so many men and women have and send those roses to someone else. There’s a lot of pressure to make a call like this, and you have to decide, do you really want to know?  Think about it. Now on the other hand, he may give your trusted friend your name and address. I really hope he does, I like happy endings.

While you think about whether this is something you can do or not let’s fine tune it a bit. Make sure that the person you have call has a professional voice and demeanor. The script I wrote out above is just that a script. Very seldom does the best made plan go according to plan, so think ahead in the event he starts to ask questions.

One question that comes to mind is, “How did you get my name?”  One answer could be, we got your name and number from a Hotel you and he stayed in recently, or a place you had dinner at, or one of his credit card companies. If he’s you man you should know where he shops, what type of credit cards he possesses or a hotel you and he stayed in. Or even a Airline he recently flew on will suffice. Think and you’ll have the answer.

Next question: He may ask if he can pick the roses up. No, because you are located in a different State.

He may asked that you send them to him: No you have a dilemma. You can and it could be a good idea, because then you could see if he brings them home to you.

Are you still thinking? Contemplating?  There’s no reason to rush into this, take your time. I’ll write some more.

What if he wants to send them to you? Good right? Maybe, but then you have two choices, you can send yourself roses or you can tell him that someone tried to deliver roses to you and you refused because they wouldn’t tell you who they were from. Sorry! However, it was really the thought that counts! Thank you.

What if he asks your trusted friend for a call back number? Simply make up a 800 number and if he says he’ll call back to give you the name and address for the shipment, politely inform him that you need the information right now, or you’ll have to call the second person on the list. That’s contest rules. Had he not answered, you were prohibited from leaving a message or to attempt to call him again. Your instructions were if he answered, he won, if not call the next person on the list. Trust me, free makes peoples ears perk up.

Here is a perfect example of how people react to hearing free, in the past some Police Departments around the country have sent out letters to individuals that have

warrants for their arrest. In these letters they have instructed them that they were invited to a party where each guest would receive free gifts totalling as much as $500.00. All this person had to do was to bring the invitation and a form of ID to be admitted into the function where they would receive a free dinner and gift. Free! Hundreds of individuals would show up and would be identified with their own ID and then be arrested, saving Law Enforcement thousands of dollars in man hours to have to hunt for these people. Free is an aphrodisiac for us all.

Don’t have a trusted friend? Try it this way if you’d like. Send him a dozen roses to his work place with nothing on the card except, Thinking about you! No name, phone number or anything. Have a female at the florist write the note and pay for it in cash so they have no record of who you are.

If he doesn’t call and ask if you sent him roses, you have a problem. If he doesn’t bring them home, you have a problem. If he never mentions the fact that he received roses, you have a serious problem.

Still thinking? Think long and hard and you and only you can decide if this is something you would like to try. Only you know in your heart if he’s cheating on you and only you can catch him and put this matter to rest. Only you know if it’s worth the trouble to do this feat. Only you know if it’s better not to know than to know. Only you can make this decision. Choose wisely.


Merry Christmas



3 comments on “How to find out if he’s cheating today!

  1. I like this post. A lot. I don’t think I’d want to go so far as to taking the time to go through a script and situation like this, but having the roses sent? Dead give away. I like it.

  2. I stumbled across your blog today and have really enjoyed reading your posts. I can’t help wondering, “Who are you?” I looked for an “About the author” link, but couldn’t find it. Your insight into relationships is incredible. I have learned so much; your post on lying is exactly what I was looking for. I am going to try it – not really sure if my husband is having an affair or not, but I think he has an attraction to another woman. At any rate, I have some doubts, and my instincts tell me to follow up on them. I want to be the one he loves and cherishes for all time, and I am happy to have your blog as a resource to make that happen,

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