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Hi, I’ve been waiting for you. I know how hard it is in relationships these days, but trust me there is a man out there for each and every one of you. As you already know my name is Anonymousmale1 which I’m sure you know is a pen name. However, I’m real and my past is too real. I’m a reformed womanizer, a liar and a cheat. I created this blog just for you to help you to identify men like my former self and assist you in your quest to locate the perfect man for you. I can only accomplish this task by arming you with as much real truthful information about men as humanly possible over the course of one year. (This post expires and ceases to exist on 6-Feb-09) Many of you have asked the question, who am I? My real name is unimportant, but I urge you to read the very first post on this blog, “My Epiphany-Seeking Redemption” it’ll explain everything for you, I promise. Thank you ladies for coming here and I promise not to let you down, every post will be real and I’ll answer any questions you may have on the subject of men. If you have a situation that you want to keep private, e-mail me at anonymousmalewv@gmail.com and I’ll answer it for you one on one. Again, thank you coming and I hope what I teach you assists you greatly.

P.S. Sometime during this blog when enough women show up, I’ll release a photo of me and at the end of the blogs existence I’ll reveal my real name. Maybe, we’ll see.


26 comments on “About Me

  1. hi..i just read you’re posting on craigslist..i don’t really know how to contact you so,i just tried it here..i’ve had my heart broken into pieces before too,and im starting to heal now and ready to move on and find a nice guy who won’t hurt me.

  2. Six months? Ugh. That doesn’t even include the time it takes to find someone decent enough to consider being intimate with. So my six months is quickly accumulating interest. Just promise me it won’t be lifelong 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, albeit anonymously, some very vulnerable information, all in the name of helping others. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all made the same considerable efforts?


  3. Thank you for this blog. I am not a stupid girl by any stretch, and I spend a lot of time single and living, knowing someone will notice, and talking myself out of dating morons. Cuz I know better than to settle and I’ve over the drama of finding out my boyfriend is the idiot my instincts tried to tell me he was on the day we met. I appreciate your perspective and believe what you say is entirely true. I trust you’ve never been a 30 year old woman, and so you won’t mind that when I do find someone worth my attention, that I shave a little time off your 6 month rule. I will, however, in the spirit of negotiation, increase my 3 date rule.

  4. Thanks for this blog! Like most females, I’m not stupid, but when I let myself get taken by a guy, I can get taken and with this one I let myself be completely naive. This is the first time I’ve ever felt my heart break and for a guy who didn’t earn it or deserve it by any stretch. My heart is truly broken right now and I can and will cry at anything right now and I’m a girl who lets her heart rule everything so it’s hard to focus on anything but him while trying to get over him and let go and try to believe that he’s a jerk and I sit and disect every action and word and it just leaves me confused b/c the only one who has he answers is the one who can’t/won’t give me them so I truly appreciate this.

  5. “Reformed Cheater” ?
    Don’t believe it.
    Most likely you’ve found another angle. The “I’ll show you all the bad stuff guys do so you won’t believe I’m a bad guy” angle.

    My guess is:
    1. You don’t have a steady job.
    2, You’ll be asking for a loan inside of 6 months

    Not buying it.
    Once a con man – always a con man.

  6. I have a request – write an article about where to meet nice men. Not just for the young chicks, but for us “mature” ladies too. And tell us how to move things forward when we do come across a nice looking man in Barnes and Noble, without looking desperate.

  7. I think this is a great Blog and I printed up one of your posts and read it every day.
    Look forward to more. I guess the one thing I would add is that besides informing women what they need to know, I would add that women should really try to figure out why they are attracted to the “wrong” type of guy. If we are not happy single people we can still get married but we wont be happy married people. That’s another good point to get across to these ladies.. They can take all your advice and use it but at the end of the day if they dont figure out internally what is wrong nothing will ever by right.

  8. Please post a blog about your thoughts regarding an ex who desires to be close friends, without “benefits”, after the break-up. Thanks!

  9. I happily stumbled upon your blog from your link on Successful Online Dating. My online dating experiences have been anything but successful. When I found out the last man I dated was now in jail I thought it best to step away from the “table” and go on a man diet. Not for good but, to take inventory on the reasons I was attracting less than stellar suitors. Your blog has really helped me take a long look at not just men but, myself too. I realize I can’t change a man but, I can change my way of thinking and communicating with men who would be potential mates. I look forward to reading your archived posts and the ones to come. Thanks!

  10. I love this blog! I read several of your posts, thinking “Oh, I’ve been there” and “Oh, so that’s what I should have done differently.” Thanks for your thoughts. I’m looking forward to reading more. And thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I’m taking a blogging break for a little while, but hope to be back soon.

  11. I was wondering whether you could please write a blog on how not to think the worst of every situation in a relationship.

    Considering all you have said, seems there are two sorts of men, type 1: those who are cheats and liars, and type 2 those who are honest keepers. But can they mix? Can honest keepers muck up n still be honest keepers or should we employ the stuff up n your gone policy which some of your blogs suggest, and risk losing a keeped?

    How do we tell which type we have without ruining our relationship, e.g. reading too deep into their behaviour -am i being crazy or may the honest ones be just working late or does that never happen???

    How do we turn off the looking into his every behaviour and just trust him? I think my doubt in trust from some events may create further problems how do i stop this?

    Also how does you wife know you wont resort back to old ways? How long will the honest you last for?

    I hope you have some insight into this, i enjoy your blogs so much there are very helpful!

    Keep up the excellent work!

  12. I just read a book which reminds me of these blogs, i got my hands on it via a male friend. While its targeted at men, i suppose females can enjoy it too, real insight into the pickup methods/games men play – both natural n learnt. Its called ‘the game’ by Neil Strauss, while i was reading it this weekend i couldn’t stop thinking about how similar the writing style n content is to yours anoyonmousmale1, check it out of the library girls 😀

  13. I stumbled onto this website and find it to be a very good. I think no matter what we are always guarded… especially when you get burnt really bad! Personally, I think it is better just being single and happy! If a man shows you he is interested great make him chase you for a while, just to test what extent he will go to, to “win” you over but remeber always be nice!

  14. To add to my last comment… I have learned pretty much every lesson that has been written about on this site. Now older, happily divorced and dating. I have a lot of self respect for myself and because of the lessons I’ve learned I can wait for a man to “prove himselve” however, I have yet to come across it. Seems “old school” is a thing of the past! I have had comments such as “good girl” or “bitch” but you know I just think we are worth more then just a “piece” and that’s where men I find confuse this as being to high on yourself. I find men are intimidated by me. Maybe I’m just in the wrong town but it seems traditional values are “valued” when a man is trying to marry you. Maybe I only see this now because I am not interested in the slightest to ever be married again!!! Really!!! I am not in any hurry or nor do I long to have to have a man in my life either but if and when I do I wrote a prayer I’d like to share with you. I whole heartedly believe in what I wrote and will not have a committed relationship until I find the man who fits it. Until then I will enjoy life!

    Dear God,

    Show me a man who is not a coward. One who has honour, integrity and can stand confidently. Show me a man who can be true to himself, have the courage to express himself and not be ashamed of who is, but be proud of who he has become! Show me a man who has absolute respect and is a true gentleman.
    Show me these qualities… and I would gladly introduce him to a woman with the same and one that would gladly stand and walk beside him!!!


    All the Best!

  15. Hello there!

    I’ve been reading through your site and I noticed that you’ve been able to address lots of important and immediate concerns regarding relationships—things I believe a lot of people would benefit from (for love or for fun :D). Personally, I would say that I am a firm believer that communication plays a major role in keeping relationships strong and happy, I hope we’re sharing the same sentiment.

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    On the other hand, BreakUpPub.com is basically a hub for the emotionally hurt. Here they can share and let out what their hearts are aching about and probably find a consoling soul to help them pick themselves up.

    Please take the time to look into our sites, perhaps you can talk about us in your articles or posts, or perhaps send us your valuable critique or feedback. We’re also willing to strike some partnerships to bolster both our sites’ productivity.

    Please send your replies to me at jurgen@thefairlist.com or jurgen@breakuppub.com.
    Thank You Very Much.

    Jurgen T. Estanislao
    Business Development
    jurgen@breakuppub.com, jurgen@thefairlist.com

    • Cindy, it is my pleasure. I think my female readers would be wise to follow your blog. I found it to very informative and and a breath of fresh air. I was really impressed by the way you simplified understanding men in a way that all women should be able to understand. You also managed to write it and allow men to maintain their dignity. Great job!

  16. HA! If if you’re being honest
    or not
    doesn’t matter.
    you posted up some from the bible to describe love
    you don’t shove it down anyones throat so you seem honest now
    i’m glad you stopped
    A MONK. he wasnt rude just wrote down their names and phone numbers!
    Good karma your way guy. Your daughter is super lucky.

  17. My goodness I LOVED your posts! Definitely going to discuss a few on my company’s website (its a dating coaching and matchmaking blog!)


  18. Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your blog and in accession capital to assert that I acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Anyway I will be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently fast.

  19. Thanks you so much! I know already this will spare me so many heartbreaks. I’m just so grateful that you took the time and effort to put this together. I suppose I fit exactly into your target reader group. My parents don’t have many dating tips for me, they were each other’s first, and they lived in a much more conservative environment.I’ve been looking for advice like yours for the longest time. I am just so grateful for this blog… I’ve read many dating advices out there, but none of them are as serious about finding that right person or is as insightful and complete as yours are. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon it. Just THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
    P.S. is there an actual book? I saw a post about it but couldn’t figure out where to purchase it.

    • Thank you Chloe for visiting. There is a book, however it will not be released until sometime in the fall. Please visit often and if possible join me on Facebook, under Louis Friend.



  20. Hey, Im Toni…
    i was with my boyfriend for 2 years and then split, and now we are back together, but i dont trust him with his mate, only because the hang round with girls everyday, when im not there, and he let me on his phone today and the messages he was getting of these 5 girls, made me think if he was cheating on me, and i know when he lies, but he told me its nothing… but i really dont know what to say or do, i do trust me, he as allways said that hes going to look after me and never let go of me… but i just have this feeling that hes going to hurt me, im young and hes young too, but we really love eachother, and i just feel really mean telling him that i think hes cheating, and lying to me… can you help me please x

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