Why Elin Woods will have the Last laugh

Everyone wants to be a star. Is that a statement that we all can agree on in this media driven society? However, what people fail to understand in their quest to obtain their 15 minutes of fame is that just like everything else in life, it comes with a price.

All of the women coming out of the Wood work (no pun intended) have pretty much nuzzled up to the cameras and are basking in the glow of the bright lights, for now. Today, everyone on the planet are concentrating on Tigers infidelities and sitting on pins and needles wondering how in the hell did the worlds most recognizable face get himself into this relationship hazard? Then, more importantly, how will he get out of it and still save par or rather his marriage and image?

What we have failed to do is look at the other side of the situation. You know, the one where we examine the character of the women that chose to sleep with a married man. The women whom chose to attempt to capitalize on an adulterous affair by publicly airing the incidents for the world to read, all while smirking and smiling for the cameras. Never once feeling remorse for their role in the assisted destruction of a family.

It was disrespectful to Elin Woods and her children for these women to engage in the affairs with Tiger to begin with and then to come out publicly is akin to spitting in their faces. These women knew full well that they were about to and eventually slept with a married man, you’d think that at least one of them would have had the decency to say no.

I am sure that there are at least a couple of women that did just that, they said no to Tiger because of the respect they hold for the sanctity of marriage. These are women whom we’ll probably never hear from, who may have thought about bedding Tiger and possibly would have had it not for him being someones husband and father.

Although we will never have the opportunity to know who these women are at the least we know that some people have more respect for themselves then to be lured into a shameless scandal where no one wins and everyone gets hurt in the end.

If any of the women that Tiger supposedly bedded had an once of character and any amount of remorse after the tryst, she could have easily called Elin and privately confessed her indiscretion and begged for forgiveness. This would have allowed Elin the opportunity to deal with Tigers ways long before it became a media circus with her and her children in the center ring. However, none did, they did what they do best, run around running their mouths about sleeping with the worlds top (married) golfer as if this was some sort of honor. As if this would open doors for them and one day make them some type of celebrity themselves.

Well now the time has come and they are getting their face time in print, online and television. However, whatever happened to Monica Lewinsky? They too shall be relegated to trivial pursuit questions as people struggle to recall their names or what they were once infamous for.

Before this quick fall from grace they will be subject to public scrutiny as they should (starting here) for attempting to capitalize by jumping up and down on the shattered pieces of what was once a marriage. They will be ostracized for being women of loose morals (although for a couple of them that has already been determined) home wrecking and over-all stupidity.

When the time comes and it always does for people like this they will resent the media because they will discover that it’s no fun when you are not the person in control of what they say about you. When they start digging and start publishing your secrets that you thought you had hid away from the world. When they expose you and your own friends don’t want to return your calls because you’ve become more an embarrassment than anything else to them. Those days are coming, I wonder if any of them fully thought this thing through? Fame? It’s over-rated when you lose who you are and especially when you didn’t earn it but created it by participating in a situation that caused someone else to suffer and hurt.

Now Tiger, he’ll continue to golf and as he wins people will forgive and forget with time. However, he too will hurt because besides the embarrassment and suffering he has caused his wife and children he may possibly lose them.

Looking at the relationship that he had with his own late father (Earl), this situation which he caused just may deny him that opportunity with his own children. If Erin chooses to leave him and take the kids as is her right, he’ll spend many a night sitting alone in a big house after winning another Major Championship with no one to celebrate with. He’ll be left with nothing but the echos of his children’s laughter to comfort himself and the knowledge that his own selfishness ended the most important win of his life, which by the way was the day that Erin accepted his proposal.

As a father myself, I can assure you that Tiger himself will tell you if you ask him, that all of his wins and endorsements pale in comparison to the feeling he got with the birth of his children. If he says anything other than that then he’s not much of a father to begin with.

In the end Elin will have the last laugh. She’s beautiful, intelligent and she has done nothing to deserve this unfortunate situation. She is focused on the two people who count on her the most in this life, her two children. To her, that I am sure is all that matters as it should be.

Should she chose to leave, she’ll be wealthy beyond means and will be able to provide her children with a life fit for royalty as a single mom. She has a family that will support her emotionally and as with everything else, time heals all wounds to include betrayal.

She’ll probably return to her native country where they value privacy a bit more then here in the Good ole USA. I am sure she had suitors before Tiger and once she’s free and clear she’ll have even more and eventually she’ll discover someone with a little more integrity and a lot less drama.

Regardless of what she decides to do, I for one wish her well.


9 comments on “Why Elin Woods will have the Last laugh

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    • Sandra, your comments on that article are RIGHT ON. I agree with you 100%. The women that Tiger cheated with are just as culpable as he is. I’m amazed that someone was arguing that fact with you! Incredible.
      Although personally, I would like to know what Elin did that might have shaken the relationship a little (although I would venture that it doesn’t seem very stable in the first place). I tend to think that happily married men don’t cheat, however Tiger seems to just be one of “those guys,” the kind that’ll cheat no matter what kind of good woman he’s got at home.

  3. Hey Friend, sometimes I wonder why psychology even exhists as a study, if you know what I mean. Everyone is so different, and everyone has their own judgments and opinions. Here are mine. He may end up spending sleepless nights alone in a big house, but I beg to differ – he didn’t think much of their laughter in the first place. NOT to say he doesn’t love his children dearly, but loved himself more in the moment. It must have crossed his mind this would eventually get out, and what it would do to his family and his career, but that cost wasn’t as important as an explosive orgasim with many woman. He must have known it was a possibility, but perhaps he believed his overly confident thought that he could keep it under wraps. This whole Tiger thing, it just is, it’s their business. The woman are indeed as much at fault as himself , even a little worse. But a man doesn’t cheat unless he wants to. I’ve also heard you should be a mans best friend and then he won’t cheat on you. That’s horse shit. I really don’t know when a man won’t cheat, but I believe it can be accomplished!

  4. Hey, I was thinking about this again, and some things were left out. The other side of the story isn’t really about these other woman. So much is focused on Tiger, as it should be. Yes the woman did a terrible thing and most are now acting in a shocking way (although not that shocking). Who thinks they can really get famous by sleeping with a famous person. There is no credibility in that and like you say your reputation ends up being none existent. People with class understand that, but this isn’t what that’s about, entirely.

    Tiger is the real story. He screwed 14 different woman, or 10 or whatever the count is – while each one of those woman only slept with one Tiger… Not to mention I am sure at least one of those girls ended up loving him.

    Tiger goes home at night, or doesn’t…but he is the one with kids, a family, a wife. I doubt these woman are letting anyone down on the scale this pro athlete has. While the attention is focused on these other woman it shouldn’t be – but it is because they are the ones talking. This can be good for Tiger since a lot of the blame is focused on them now. But again the ration 14:1…the immature texts, ewww.

    I totally had something funny to write, but its not a funny situation for the family. I think Tiger should have been true to himself and mounted his leaning tower of sleaza before getting married and admitted he finds the beauty in all womans pussies. Nothing wrong with wanting it, something wrong with pretending to be someone different with a family involved. Gotta be true to ones self regardless of outside opinions…hard thing to do.

    Best to Elin and their kids!

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