How the way he Kisses you says more then you Know

Most people say that there are no true aphrodisiacs other then human scent. You know the smell of a male or female and the effect that it has on one another. I disagree, I think that the one true aphrodisiac in the world is a kiss. Not the peck that you plant on the check of your friend or family member, but the deep intense kiss that you receive from a man of interest.

You know the one I am talking about. The kiss that makes you weak in the knees and slightly moist in the region slightly  above them. The type of  kiss that makes you feel as though the room is spinning and you have butterflies in your stomach just thinking about it. The type of kiss that makes you blush just thinking about it now.

How many women of you have had this type of kiss and although it was a first or second date, because of it’s intensity lead you to go further than you had planned. Many women have been fooled by a long facial embrace and mistook it for what what it could lead up to and not what it actually was, passion. If the passion and the chemistry are just right anything can happen.  How do you think women end up in one night stands?

Since I brought up the topic of  “One night Stands”, let me take this moment to explain something from a mans prospective on this phenomenon. One night stands usually become that because one party believes that the intensity and passion can never be re-created and therefore there is no reason to try. The mood, feelings, emotions were as such that to try to make anything out of it would be foolish. Not! I sounded like a man huh? Trying to rationalize why men take advantage of women. Sorry about that, I’ll try to stay on point from now on.

The kiss, women love it. Men do as well, however they tend to down play it to maintain their masculinity. Very few men run back to their friends and boast about how good a kisser you are. Sorry. However, women do and men know it. Therefore to get you into the mood and into bed we put a whole lot of effort into that first kiss when the time comes.

As men we know that if done properly, you’ll melt and we can have our way. If not right now, very, very soon. If we fail to bed you at this time, we simply want you to walk away with that feeling in your stomach that you’ve just been kissed for real. No pressing of lips or that cheek thing that we all do to relatives and close friends, but seriously, deeply and intimately kissed that will have us on your minds all day and night, and conjures up images of things we will do to you in the near future. Our goal as men is for you to walk away thinking that you’ve just had “your last first kiss!”  That’s how good we want it to be.

Kissing like this is personal, deeply personal. Why do you think that as a rule Prostitutes refuse to kiss clients? For this very reason, if done properly she wouldn’t make much money for one. She’d possibly feel that she had feelings for her customer and therefore become uncomfortable with charging him for making love to her. That, and the fact that pimps make it a rule that they are never to kiss any client on the lips. Remember “Pretty Woman?” Julia Roberts roommate chastised her for kissing Richard Gere, stating, “Didn’t I teach you anything?”

Do you remember the first kiss with the one you are with now? I know that you do. Now my next question is when is the last time he kissed you like that?

Men don’t remember kisses, I am sorry to say. After awhile we tend to kiss you like that only when it leads to making love. This is sad, because if as men we remembered that the way we kissed you in the beginning continued long after we captured your heart we would never ever have to worry about you becoming content. We would never have to worry about any other man taking our place. We would never ever have to worry about our relationships period!

I’ve been married for quite some time now and I make it a habit of kissing my wife like the first time at a minimal of once a week. Why? Most men would ask. Because I need for her to understand that I still desire her after all these years. I don’t do it for the sex, although it helps sometimes, but I do it because I want to be the one on her mind. I purposely do it sometimes before she leaves for work, because I want her to think about me all day. I do it before I leave for work at times because once again, I want her to think about me all damn day. I want her to know that the passion and fire that ignited with our very first kiss years ago is still burning hot years later and I desire her just as much today as I did then and more. Why you may ask? Because if you really want to keep someone forever you have to show how you feel about them, each and every day. Nothing shows how much you care as a real, deep, meaningful kiss to say, “I still love you and only you!”

Now, for each and everyone of you that have a man, ask yourself this question? When was the last time he kissed you and really meant it? When was the last time that he kissed you and you said “WOW”? When was the last time he kissed you and it made you want to stay home from work just to spend the day with him?  If that time was too long for you to remember, it’s time for you to remind him. Let him know what he is missing and how the lack of this passion is possibly wrecking your relationship. Because if the passion that started the fire is not there anymore, then you’re only in the relationship because you’re content or comfortable and possibly both.

Women need passion, it’s what makes them beautiful. They glow when there is passion in their lives and you are no different. Make him assist you in rekindling that passion and make you feel desired because you deserve it. All women deserve it and you my beautiful one are no different.

If for whatever reason he simply will not conform to you suggestion, politely explain the obvious to him. Every women is delighted to know that for every women that is married, or in a relationship there is a good man that wishes she weren’t!  He’ll get the hint and hopefully the passion will return. For your sake I hope it does, you deserve it so much, to feel like everyday is the first day of your relationship. To be desired by the man you love and who loves you and expresses it in his kiss, like the very first kiss you two ever shared.

Now I must leave you, my wife will be home shortly and I need to remind her just how important she is to me and how much I love her still to this day. And you know what? I’ll be doing it with a kiss, the exact same type of kiss that made her mine years ago before children and a mortgage and car payments and work and everything that we men use as excuses for not doing our job as men. Because in the end, that one slow, long passionate kiss makes everything we’ve been through worth it. She doesn’t know I know this, but I do. Hopefully your man does too. If not he’s depriving not only you but himself as well.

See you soon,



10 comments on “How the way he Kisses you says more then you Know

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  2. hi i love ur article. To be secere, am dam lucky and am praid to say after reading ds epistol. D way my guy kissed hasn’t chenge 4r dt very day instead is improvi more an more.

  3. I’m in my 40’s and for the first time in my life, I know this kiss! I have been dating this guy for a couple of years and when we kiss, it’s like the first time. Breath taking! I know it can’t be the norm for most people, although it should be. It’s fireworks! How many people can say that after 2 years? I have no doubt I’ll be able to say this the rest of my life. Great article, thank you!

  4. I think you should develop this article into a book, it’s very insightful and very unique. I wrote a poem about this kiss, there always has to be something behind it with your man/woman. Do you feel anything, you have to ask yourself. Because with the man I’m with now, I feel something when we kiss he makes my heart melt, and I think if he didn’t kiss me this way with passion, me and him would have been over a long time ago. It has been over a year now we have been seeing each other, and every time he tells me he misses me, while he kisses me, I feel that deep sensual kiss just like the first time we met.

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