10 Things to help you get over your Broken Heart

Weekly I get e-mails from around the globe and recently I noticed a spike in the topic of being heartbroken. Going through heartbreak is one of the most excruciating things anyone has ever had to go through and regardless of if it’s your first time or 5th time, it still hurts like hell. I was once told that there are things worse than death, being in love with someone who no longer loves you is one of those things.


There is not much anyone can say to make things better, the pain remains and the only real cure is time. One of the main reasons I continue to write this blog is to load women with as much information as possible about men, hoping that you will be able to identify, respond, and adjust to any changes he may attempt to put you through before it begins. Hopefully this way, you can either correct the behavior or get out with your heart intact or at the least lessen the pain because you were able to end the relationship on your own terms.


I’ve suffered heartbreaks, (yes, men get hurt too) we generally don’t show it as much as women. We tend to suffer in silence. So for any of you ladies that are going through this right at this moment I understand your pain and anguish.


I know what it is like to feel as though you cannot breath, to want to scream at the top of your lungs, but you feel no one will hear you. I’ve been there, days when I couldn’t eat or sleep, when every little…read entire post here www.anonymousmale2.blogspot.com


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