Why It’s Important for him to Earn your Love

The other day while on twitter I had a thought and decided to write it there. I had several women write to me regarding this thought and so I decided maybe I should post it here for those of you whom haven’t found me on twitter yet.

Here it is:

If I gave every woman that reads this blog a brand new Lexus right off the showroom floor, for the first few months you would wash it, vacuum it, have the oil changed every 3,000 miles and baby it relentlessly.

After several months the car washes would occur less frequently. You’d probably clean the interior less and oil changes would be optional, may at 5,000 or even never again.

Now if you worked your ass off, working day and night, maybe even a part-time job because you really wanted to buy your very own Lexus things would be different. You’d wash and wax that vehicle religiously. You’d get personalized plates, you’d take it in for service exactly as recommended by the manufacturer. You’d allow no one to drive it other than you and you’d park all the way at the end of the grocery parking lot to insure that no one parked beside it and dinged your doors. And God forbid if someone sat on it, you would lose your mind literally.

Why would you treat the vehicle you purchased differently than the exact same vehicle that I purchased for you? Because with the second vehicle you earned it. You worked for it and it is yours, it shows for your hard work and dedication.

Think about this scenario the next time you allow a man into your life and fail to make him earn everything he gets from you. He should be made to prove his worthiness to be with you, make him earn the right to be with you. The most precious thing that you will ever give anyone in this life is your heart, and if you fail to make him earn it, then in a couple of months you will be just like that Lexus that we talked about in the beginning of this post.

After a couple of months he will stop opening doors for you, stop respecting you, he will take advantage of you, probably cheat on you and all in all he will make your life miserable. Why? Because he didn’t have to earn his place to be with you.

We respect the things we work for, we are proudest of the things we earn. If you really want his respect and admiration, let him work towards the best thing in his life. That being, having you as his mate. You’ll both be happier in the end, I promise!


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