“Eavesdropping in the Boys Club” The Book…

new-cover1After writing this blog for a complete year I received countless letters from women worldwide and it amazed me that many of you thought that I should write a book on this blog. So as not to disappoint you it is being done. What we decided is this, we’re taking the best posts from the blog, adding five never before published posts and then capping it off with real letters and comments from many of you. (Please be advised, your names or identities will not be published to protect your privacy)If any of you that have written to me are uncomfortable with me including your letters in this book, please contact me and request it not be included and I will respect your wishes.

On another note, the proceeds from the book for the first year of it’s publishing will be a charity recommended by a reader of this blog. Thats right, one of you will be selecting where the profits will go, so be on the lookout for the contest in future posts.

“This book is dedicated to all of you who have visited, left your mark on the blog and my life. For this I am indebted to you…….Thank you.”

If you have written to me requesting advice on this blog or submitted a comment please send me a e-mail requesting a copy of the e-book version and I will send it to you. I would love for you to give me your opinion on it before I make it public. This is an open offer to only those that wrote comments or letters before 02-14-09.

Thank you all,




3 comments on ““Eavesdropping in the Boys Club” The Book…

  1. For the first time I well spend a great afternoon, and part of my evening reading all what you got to say. I enjoyed, agreed and learned in many instances, looking forward to purchased several copies for my daughter and many of her friends..thanks.. thanks


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