My Epiphany-Seeking Redemption

I went to LA and since I hadn’t been in awhile all of my former friends showed up for a little get together. We all sat around in a bar and laughed about the old times when we were all single and free (or what we thought was free) in the Golden State.

Since I had left some years earlier they had mostly drifted apart and it was like one big reunion and a chance to cath up on family and career. During this conversation about family our children became the topic, and the thing that stood out was that all of us, six total, now all had daughters.

When we realised this fact one of my friends stated, “you guys know, as they become teenagers and later adult women, this will become our payback for all the wrongs we committed on women in our pasts.”

(Yeah that’s right, this blog is actually written by a man. However, please don’t tune out because I promise you I’m going to teach you more about men than you ever knew possible and save you so much heartache and drama you’ll thank me for it for years to come.)

At the moment my Friend said this I had an Epiphany. I saw my daughter, and she was a teenager. She possessed her mom’s looks and my height and she was stunning. I was sitting in my office and she walked in the door and behind her was a boy of about the same age. As soon as he placed his hand out to shake mine I looked deeply into his eyes and I saw something that shook me to the core. I saw me!

I saw a kid whom looked great on the surface, but was shallow as a West Virginia stream in the Summer months. All he cared about was himself, everything was about him and screw everyone else. To him although he put on a good polite act,  my daughter was nothing more than a toy to amuse himself until the next new version came along.

This thought rattled me and I thought about it for weeks and months and I always hear my friends voice in the background, “This is payback for all the wrongs we’ve committed to women.”

So now, this is how we got here. Well, you probably got here by just surfing the net looking for a interesting blog to read but that’s OK because I’m still glad to have you here. The way I figure it, I owe you too.

This is my penance, I’m seeking redemption and I’m hoping that I can accomplish this by teaching every woman that by chance stumbles onto this blog, everything she needs to know about men. I’m going to tell you things that your mother wouldn’t tell you and your father simply didn’t know how to formulate the words. I’m going to save you from the wolves and the unworthy and teach you how to tell the difference between the two. I’ll teach you how to tell when he’s lying and what to look for if you expect he’s unfaithful. I’m going to teach you what he thinks and feels before he even opens his mouth. You’ll learn the signs of a great man and the signals of a dog. Want to know the best places to meet good men, I’ll tell you that too.

Sex? I’ll tell you the do’s and don’t if you want to keep him. I’m not shy and these are things I’m sure your father was really uncomfortable with. This is something you really need to understand, as a woman this is your biggest advantage over men and most of you don’t even know why.

Today is 06 Feb 08, just as this blog arrived, without warning, on 06 Feb 09, it will disappear. I am not a shrink, or someone with a PHD from Harvard, but I do have one important education that the people whom write books on this subject really don’t have, actual real life experience in this subject matter. All the things I’m going to discuss with you is real, I know it’s real because I’ve been there and done that and this is my way of giving back to society or all the ills I’ve done to women everywhere.

I am seeking redemption, and if by chance there is one of you that I had a relationship with in the past please let me say through this blog, “I am Sorry”  I’m sorry for being an ass and not treating you with the respect that you and every woman deserves.  

Now, I’ll be working this blog in two ways. Some days I’ll write about things that you as women need to know, and the second part is I’ll answer any questions you may have. If you don’t understand something I’ve written please let me know and I promise I’ll clear it up for you. Communication is the key to a successful relationship, so please ask and I’ll answer.


2 comments on “My Epiphany-Seeking Redemption

  1. Anonymousmale1

    Just want to run something by you after reading your blog. Had a fiance, I broke up with him after 5 years being together, got together once after 1 year apart – Short lived, 2 days. Had some conversation and like you said, women love with their heart first. I was in anticipation that we possibly may get back together then I found out he has a new girl friend. I had expressed this to him in not so many words. He admitted that he didn’t expect that I will ever talk to him again. I said I still want to be friends.

    Did I just give this ex a great ego boost? Should I still be friends with him?

    Now I am over him, still friends though, what do you say?

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